Youth Services

Is your child living up to his/her potential in the classroom?

One-to-one guidance and support can help your child excel academically and socially.

I wasn’t sure about this but now that my son

My son looks forward to his meetings with his behavior specialist.”

The Behavior Intervention Service is offered in coordination with the Lake Havasu Unified School District at the six elementary schools in Lake Havasu City. Specialists meet one-to-one with children with the goal of helping them understand their behavior and how it affects them as well as others. Together, the specialist and child identify self-control and teach coping skills in order to produce healthy relationships.

A peer to peer setting can help work through the school day challenges.

The Student Assistance Service is offered in coordination with community schools in Lake Havasu City. Two adult facilitator lead peer to peer support groups designed to support youth working through environment, school and social challenges. Together, youth learn and work through challenges like bullying, anger management, self-esteem and healthy relationships.

A fun environment after school can enrich your child’s educational experience.

The Learning and Finding Friendships (LAFF) Club is offered at Lake View Villas Apartments in Lake Havasu City. It is a fun environment with activities and crafts led by adult volunteers for the children residing at Lake View Villas. Youth have an opportunity to work with a tutor, learn, play, and establish friendships.